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2010-09-26    Comments: 0    Categories: Site News      Tags: poly  atl  new  server  
We migrated to a new server last night. It's been a lot o
2010-07-23    Comments: 0    Categories: Features      Tags: sit  features  email  notifications  feedback  
So, it's been a while since I've added custom controls fo
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Welcome! is a community site destined to unite the polyamorous community in the Atlanta, GA area and the general south east United States. Come here to find local poly news, poly meet-ups, poly events, and to meet like minded people. my love

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97 days ago 1 comments Categories: Education Tags:

I will stick anyone, for any reason, at any time. Ha! I'm just trying to get to Carnegie Hall...

112 days ago 0 comments Categories: Education Tags:
So I had my first ride-along yesterday way the hell up in the northwest corner of Bumblefuck county. Hey, you know what else is up in the northwest corner of Bumblefuck County? NOTHING.   I was there
124 days ago 0 comments Categories: Site News Tags: polyamory, site news, new users, features, feedback
I was able to get the word out about the site this past weekend and it looks like a few people are interested.   I've seen a few new users lately and I've gotten some good feedback. I'm hoping
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2010-06-17 00:50
Posted by ////Danyizzle
Oh, ha. Wasn't logged in. My bad.
2010-07-22 09:24
Happy poly moment: Just got back from 5 awesome days at the beach with my wife, girlfriend and wife's boyfriend/girlfriend's husband. I'm so lucky to have all these people in my life. Excited to go away to a lake house with the same group +2 more special people in a couple weeks. Yay!
2010-07-22 09:25
Also, this is a pretty awesomely designed web site. It just needs some people and activity. Wake up, intarnetz!
2010-07-22 13:10
Sorry guys, things have been crazy lately. Had a family emergency, my laptop got stolen, and I've been busy with some medical stuff. Things are starting to calm down now so I should be able to push forward with the site more soon.
2010-08-24 15:37
I think the site is about ready for full release. I'm going to start promoting it so we can get a few more members. Feel free to help promote the site so we can grow!
2010-08-26 01:42
How is everyone?
2010-09-12 17:50
Posted by HippieHolla
I have small red x's on all the images. What can I do to get rid of them? Thanks!
2010-10-07 07:28
I sent you a message HippieHolla about your issue a while ago but I haven't gotten a response from you. Let me know if you're still having an issue.
2010-10-07 13:22
Posted by //Attilia
Alchemy was Fucking Awesome! I can't wait for next year!!
2010-10-08 16:09
Yeah I had an awesome time. I didn't see you or any of the other folks though.
2010-10-08 16:09
I have a spare ticket to Blake Shelton at Wild Bill's tonight if anyone is interested.
2010-10-16 13:48
Posted by ///jackelxing
Whatt was it that made Alchemy so Awesome?
2010-10-22 12:34
Posted by Visitor
I wish this website had its own dedicated app for the iPhone.
2010-12-07 02:15
Posted by Visitor
think this may be he nlu wasy for a satisfying relationship
2011-01-02 14:57
The site does have an iPhone app. It's been very buggy every time I've tested it though so I'm waiting on the developer to iron some of those bugs out.
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